Start here and learn how to relax. Introduction to BodyMarc

BodyMarc is very simple and effective Relaxation Techniquue. Learn whaat is and what is not Relaxation. Learn about profits of Relaxation. Learn how releasing residual tensions will improve your health and life. Your first BodyMarc Session. Understand better how to practice the BodyMarc Technique.

Relaxation of the Stomach. Learn how to relax your stomach and esophagus

Learn how and why you can relax your stomach. The BodyMarc Session for Relaxation of the Stomach. Deeper explanation on the Technique for Relaxation of the Stomach.

Release Fear. Learn how to relax and release fear and anxiety

Learn about Fear, what it is and how we can deal with it. Learn about mecchanism behind fear, how do create, keep and release fear. Learn how Relaxation can help release fear and anxiety. Practice BodyMarc Session designed to release fear and anxiety. Learn deeper about the Thechnique to Release Fear.

Relaxation of the Jaw. Learn how to relax your jaw

Learn about profits coming from relaxing yoru jaw. Practice BodyMarc Session to relax your jaw. Learn deeper about the Technique for Relaxing the Jaw.

Deep Sleep. Use this technique to have a deep and restfull sleep (Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash)

Learn about Deep Sleep, what it is and how it can help you. Practice the Deep Sleep Technique to have more rekaxing and refreshing nights. Learn more about the Deep Sleep BodyMarc Technique.